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First we search for the root cause and identify where the blockages are in the body that are preventing the body from being self healing and auto regulating, remove the blockages and then we support the body to heal itself, using safe, natural and effective therapies. In this way, we encompass the whole person, an approach that is respectful of the whole being - body, mind and spirit. Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and other alternative health practices integrate scientific research with natural healing techniques.

The body has a remarkable healing capacity when provided with the proper foundation.

Our focus is on the causes of disease, rather than the symptoms. Toxicity blocks up our enzyme systems leading to functional disturbances of the liver, kidneys and other vital organ systems. When this happens this leaves us open to a wide host of diseases.

We assist the body to return to its natural state by removing blockages and toxic scars that are preventing the body from being self -healing and auto regulating. In doing so, we facilitate your own immunity to be the player that heals.

Meet the Practitioner

Lily Harb R.Ac.

Lily Harb, is a Registered Acupuncturist and Certified Auricular & BioEnergetic Medical Practitioner.

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