Health Issues

Pediatric HealthPediatric Health: Toxins, candida, food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies are linked to childhood behaviour issues, mood disorders, ADD, incontinence, digestive and skin issues. Our pediatric health program is customized to meet each child's unique needs. Each child's personal susceptibilities, their environmental exposures, emotional health, as well as any nutritional deficiencies will be addressed in a personalized protocol that may include nutritional support, stress management, acupuncture and auricular medicine.


Fertility Support & Healthy ConceptioFertility Support & Healthy Conception: Our Healthy Conception Program focuses on helping to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy. We focus on creating a healthy internal environment. A healthy conception program will work on each individual's unique constitution, clear toxic substances, optimize liver health and nutrient absorption and address healthy eating. With the aid of acupuncture, nutritional support and homeopathic drainage, our healthy conception program will help optimize the internal environment and make the gentle hormone shifts that are necessary to improve chances of conception.


Healthy Pregnancy for Mom & Baby Healthy Pregnancy for Mom & Baby: A healthy pregnancy establishes the foundation in creating a healthy child. Our Healthy Pregnancy Program prepares women for conception, follows them throughout their pregnancy to ensure optimal nutrient support for their developing baby, and provides guidance to prepare for labor and delivery. Furthermore, our program will support the individual to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices in order to reduce the likelihood of ailments such as post partum depression, difficult lactation, sleep issues and exhaustion. Acupuncture will also help to reduce common symptoms that occur during pregnancy such as constipation nausea/ vomiting,                                                  edema, back pain and mastitis.


Healthy Hormones Healthy Hormones: Females may experience hormone imbalance causing uncomfortable symptoms such as PMS, menstrual discomfort, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid imbalance and infertility. Studies continue to show the correlation between environmental toxins and nutritional status to hormonal balance. Our Healthy Hormone Program focuses on decreasing exposure to environmental toxins, supporting the detoxification pathways to reduce toxic burden and improve hormone balance.


Men's Health Men’s Health: Whether you are looking to reduce your risk of prostate disease or treat an existing condition, acupuncture may be able to help. Because of its holistic approach, acupuncture can help relieve symptoms associated with hormone imbalance, fatigue, sleep issues, prostate problems like frequent and painful urination and other issues commonly experienced by men.


Respiratory Health Respiratory Health: Respiratory issues such as asthma, labored breathing, and congestion are a growing problem today. Environmental toxins and food sensitivities are common aggravants. Through an individualized approach we will work with you using nutritional therapy, acupuncture and lifestyle supports to assist you in a recovery program.


Pain Management Pain Management: Whether you are dealing with migraines, sinus pain or muscular-skeletal pain, our program is designed to help you recover. Our pain management program involves a comprehensive assessment, nutritional analysis, stress management, cleansing and acupuncture therapy.


Food Allergies & Sensitivities Food Allergies & Sensitivities: Food allergies and sensitivities are a common problem that is linked to pain and inflammation. Through a comprehensive assessment we will help uncover food allergies and sensitivities which may be causing uncomfortable symptoms. Acupuncture and cleansing can be helpful in reducing symptoms associated with food allergies and sensitivities.


Emotional Health Emotional Health: Emotional health is affected by many factors. Some of these include nutrient deficiencies, toxicity and hormone imbalance. Through an individualized assessment and customized protocol we will help re-harmonize the body and bring back joy into your life. Additional supports are available through our stress management workshops/retreats.


digestive health Digestive Health: Toxicity, poor quality food and stress are common factors affecting digestion. When digestion is affected, a wide host of diseases can occur. These include malnutrition, fatigue, bloating and gas, acid reflux, pain, skin problems and more. Through an individualized assessment we will put a program to optimize digestive health.


Skin Issues Skin Issues: Rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, warts, and skin tags are common skin issues. Many factors affect our skin health. When our internal environment is toxic, too acidic, deficient in good flora and other nutrients, our skin health becomes compromised. During our wellness consult we will investigate underlying factors contributing to your skin issues and prepare a customized protocol to restore youthfulness and skin vitality.


IncontinenceIncontinence: Incontinence can occur among individuals of all ages. Acupuncture can help strengthen bladder muscles and support bladder health.


Athletic Performance Athletic Performance: Athletic performance can create wear and tear on the body. Much more, if our body is deficient in certain nutrients, various systems may become compromised. Our goal is to ensure that your body is well equipt to deal with athletic strain. Our athletic program includes a comprehensive assessment involving: nutritional analysis (assessing for minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants), nutritional supports, tcm diagnosis and acupuncture/laser to enhance bone/cartilage health & muscle function. Muscle fatigue from overworked muscles is benefited from acupuncture. Our program also includes sports recovery which is designed to speed up healing from                                                  injury or trauma.


Corporate Wellness ServicesCorporate Wellness Services: Our corporate employee wellness package is designed to optimize employee performance by offering stress reduction services such as Acupuncture, Nutritional Analysis and Lifestyle Coaching. Our goal is to optimize wellness and in turn reduce the number of sick days, mental stress which can be contagious and interfere with fellow workers, muscle tension and injury from repetitive strain.


Preventative Medicine Preventative Medicine: Our Preventive Maintenance Program will assist you in achieving a healthy lifestyle that focuses on reducing exposure to toxic substances, cleansing your internal organ systems, addressing nutrient deficiencies and establishing balance. Through acupuncture, nutritional support and supplements we will do our best to enhance your body to become self-healing and auto-regulating.