Workshops and Retreats


We offer a complete health and wellness retreat offering transformative lifestyle experiences. Whether overwhelmed with stress, exhaustion, illness or simply looking to restore vitality and enhance well-being, the all-inclusive experience is designed to reharmonize all aspects of self - body, mind and spirit. The all-day retreat includes a comprehensive holistic assessment in addition to therapeutic programs such stress management, infrared detox & lymphatic drainage, acupuncture and cell recharge therapy. A variety of topics and therapeutic meditative exercises by our guest speakers and therapist are a perfect complement to bring you to a place of complete peace and serenity.

- Retreats will take place between June 1 to August 31. We ask that you kindly book 1 - 2 months in advance to reserve your spot.

We offer Wellness Retreat Packages Programs for groups (4-8 individuals). Retreat Programs include:

  • Women's Wellness Retreat
  • Caregiver Wellness Retreat
  • Teenage Wellness Retreat
  • Wedding or Couples Wellness Retreat

Stress Management Workshops


Join us for some life altering lessons on how to achieve inner peace and harmony amidst the stress and noise all around us. During our Stress Management Workshops you will learn some quick and simple techniques on how to protect yourself against the negative impact of stress. You will discover helpful coping mechanisms to get you through stressful situations, learn how to be attuned to your body, understand what it is telling you and how to achieve emotional, biochemical and physical balance through safe, effective and natural therapies.

Natural Therapies can be used to help minimize the effects of stress and reharmonize the body.

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Mineral Depletion
  • Fatigue
  • Increased Acidity & Joint Pain
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Lack of Will
  • Depression &, Mental Health Issues
  • Sleep Disorders

Therapeutics/Techniques include, Acupuncture, Meditation Breath Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nutritional Therapy, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy and Music Therapy.

Through the Eyes of A Child Spirit Initiative

This is a child focused initiative to foster healthy mind, body and spirit principles. In a world that is filled with confusion and denigrating messages and many challenges, it is paramount to reinforce healthy, positive and nurturing values. Values that promote and foster self-worth, dignity, self- respect for mind and body. Designed to equip children with fundamental principles that are important in working through and dealing with real life challenges in a healthy and productive manner. Our objectives include:

  • Provide a nurturing, safe & educationally stimulating environment;
  • Allow the Child to express themselves in a healthy manner and be heard and understood
  • Recognize each child's uniqueness and special gifts
  • Promote self-awareness and mindfulness as a necessary ingredient in respecting self and others
  • Problem-Based Learning strategies and supporting healthy perceptions
  • Coping Mechanisms through difficult situations
  • Recognizing the importance of emotions; and reinforcing that emotions are not to be ashamed of - the need to feel each emotion, understand it and then deal with it...TEARS ARE HEALING!
  • Is for the child to come out of this feeling empowered, understood, heard and with an increased sense of self-worth.

Provide helpful tools (example - music therapy, breath therapy, aromatherapy, nutritional therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, qi gong therapy and other stress management tools) that will help empower and assist individuals through difficult situations.